Coffee often gets a bad reputation because of its high caffeine levels, but according to a recent study, the caffeine in your daily cup of joe can actually help reduce your risk for skin cancer.

This discovered link between coffee and cancer was published in the Cancer Research journal. Investigators found those who drink more than two cups of coffee per day are at a lower risk for developing basal cell carcinoma.

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer in the United States. Generally caused by overexposure to UV rays or radiation, this form of skin cancer is common to those who experience severe sunburns or prolonged sun exposure.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger was delighted to hear the findings about the link between coffee and cancer.

“My guess is that caffeine works as an antioxidant, therefore it helps prevent and repair sun damage,” he said. “My recommendation is to drink coffee responsibly and protect your skin in many different ways with antioxidants for healthy skin.”

Although this story’s findings were impressive, drinking coffee shouldn’t be the only way you protect your skin. Using sunscreen daily and implementing products with CoffeeBerry and caffeine can help give your skin antioxidants for healthy skin.

“We do supply many caffeine-related products on our website, including CoffeeBerry products from RevaleSkin and antioxidant serums from Replenix,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger said.

Some of his favorite caffeine products include:

While you should always use sunscreen and take precautions when it comes to sun exposure, a couple cups of coffee a day can help boost your antioxidants for healthy skin.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger was thrilled with this study about coffee and cancer.

“As a coffee fan myself, this study truly makes me happy!” he said. “I’d also like to wish my many followers and patients a happy Fourth of July!”

Posted Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 at 9:36 pm
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