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One of my favorite things to do is to talk with media so that large numbers of people can receive quality information about skin care. To help spread the word even further, I’ve created a Dr. Joel Schlessinger media blog.

Articles that I’ve highlighted include:

Spotlight on: the son of Dr. Joel Schlessinger in the news

I’m proud to announce that my son, Daniel, was interviewed in the Omaha News-Herald. The article, “Omaha teen takes lip balm idea from concept to completion,” was published on December 13, 2011.

Here’s the short version: when Daniel was 12, he began wondering why lip balm didn’t help to heal the skin. I explained that lips and hands have different kinds of skin, with skin needing stronger medication.

Daniel then did research to see if a combined lip-skin balm product existed – and, it didn’t. We confirmed that through a patent attorney, and this began a multi-year journey into creating exactly that product: FixMySkin.

Watch for more updates at the Dr. Joel Schlessinger media blog.

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