Joel Schlessinger MD weighs in on the new stem cell face lift procedure

Stem cell research is a buzz word in the medical field that has now crossed over into the skin care industry. The article “The Debate Over Stem-Cell Face-Lifts” in a recent issue of the New York Times discusses a new procedure that uses stem cells to regenerate an aging complexion. The article includes several opinions from top dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons on the topic.

While many people are eager to try this new procedure, there are still some doubts among dermatologists, including Joel Schlessinger MD, about the effectiveness of this treatment.

Unlike traditional face lifts, explains Joel Schlessinger MD, a stem cell face lift is a non-surgical procedure.

During a traditional face lift, the skin is cut and lifted to improve the appearance of a sagging and loose complexion. A stem cell face lift is a non-surgical procedure, similar to fat grafting, during which fat cells are injected into the skin to restore lost volume. This procedure can be used to revitalize thin areas such as the hollows of cheeks and the under-eye area.

The cells used during this procedure are taken from areas that have excess fat cells such as the stomach or thighs. Stem cells are then added to the injections to help regenerate fat cells and plump the thinning areas of the face.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends caution when deciding whether to undergo this procedure.

Most dermatologists, including Joel Schlessinger MD, are attaching a “buyer beware” condition to this procedure. Because this process is still relatively new, there is very little conclusive evidence that proves this procedure works.

Physicians also warn against clinics and businesses that use the phrase “stem cell face lift” as a marketing gimmick without supplying evidence to back up their claims. Until clinical studies and trials are conducted, patients should approach this treatment with caution.

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Posted Thursday, April 11th, 2013 at 2:49 pm
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