Joel Schlessinger MD shares how aging changes our appearance

Everyone ages in their own way. In a recent article on titled “10 Incredible GIFs Showing How Aging Changes Our Appearance,” one photographer snapped pictures of men and women to mimic a photo of them 50 to 60 years earlier. Joel Schlessinger MD says the differences between their young and old photos are incredible.

“Clearly, these are some of the most impressive before and after pictures we have ever seen,” he says.

The signs of aging are unpredictable, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and sun damage are just a few things that come with aging. Joel Schlessinger MD says these signs of aging can be delayed by taking care of your skin and seeing a skin care specialist.

“Luckily, many of these changes are completely avoidable with sun protection and little tweaks such as Botox, fillers and Ultherapy,” he says. “Many of these individuals would have been easily treated with these simple options.”

These treatment options have become popular among patients who want to delay fine lines and deep wrinkles.

“The newest paradigm is to completely avoid the advanced aging processes by using Botox and fillers to forestall it,” Joel Schlessinger MD says. “We are fortunate to be living in such an age.”

Joel Schlessinger MD says proper skin care can also keep your complexion looking youthful.

The best way to prevent premature aging and sun damage is to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen every day. Along with proper sun protection, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends finding products that cater to your specific concerns. LovelySkin carries a wide variety of anti-wrinkle treatments, skin brighteners and more.

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Posted Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 7:27 pm
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