Joel Schlessinger MD shares an article debunking popular myths about sunscreen

Dermatologists such as Joel Schlessinger MD strive to refute myths about sunscreen.

In a recent online article, Reader’s Digest brought to light ten popular myths about sunscreen that many consumers still believe. Unfortunately, these myths often encourage individuals to skip sunscreen application, which can cause serious sun damage and skin cancer, according to Joel Schlessinger MD. Setting the record straight regarding these myths is one of the most effective ways to spread awareness about sun safety.

Misconceptions about tanning, skin cancer and UV damage can lead to harmful sun exposure, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

Popular myths include the belief that having a darker skin tone or receiving a base tan will protect against sun damage. Individuals with dark skin tones are still at risk for developing skin cancer and must wear sunscreen to protect their skin. Many believe that tanning is less dangerous than burning, however, a tan still indicates that the skin has been injured by UV rays.

Many individuals also believe that only their faces need to be protected or that sunscreen only needs to be applied during peak hours of the day. Both of these myths are untrue. Dangerous sun exposure can occur at any point during the day and anywhere on the body.

Consumers should be aware of the truth behind myths about sunscreen, says Joel Schlessinger MD.

The debate over SPFs often leaves consumers confused about exactly which products they should be using. Many dermatologists agree that reapplying every two hours and using a minimum of SPF 30 is the best way to go.

Debates about the efficacy of sunscreen ingredients have also led to several myths about sun protection products. Many consumers believe that the chemicals in sunscreens are dangerous and that they can cause allergic reactions. With physical, mineral and chemical options available, however, it is easy for consumers to find a product that works for them.

Are you concerned about some of the facts or myths you’ve heard about sunscreen? Ask Joel Schlessinger MD in the comment section below and find out the truth.

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