Research suggests that milk consumption may worsen acne symptoms, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

Dermatologists are continuing to study the relationship between an individual’s diet and the condition of their skin. Many dermatologists, including Joel Schlessinger MD, are seeing an increase in acne and blemishes in patients who regularly drink milk.

A glass of milk contains approximately 60 hormones that are passed from the cow into the product during the milking process. Read more about this process in this blog post by Joel Schlessinger MD.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends changing your diet to help reduce your acne symptoms.

If you think your acne may be related to milk consumption, try substituting other forms of the drink into your diet. Almond milk contains no hormones while soy milk only contains a small amount so these drinks may help reduce the appearance of acne.

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Posted Monday, March 18th, 2013 at 3:41 pm
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