Joel Schlessinger MD explains the link between deodorant and your skin

Sweating and odor are an issue that everyone deals with but thanks to deodorants and antiperspirants, most of us can keep this problem under control. While many people apply their products without a second thought, few think about how deodorants interact with their skin. Learn the link between antiperspirants and your skin and how these products protect against odor and wetness from Joel Schlessinger MD.

Deodorants work by combating bacteria while antiperspirants control wetness, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

While sweat is naturally odorless, the scent of body odor is caused by bacteria on the skin surface that interact with sweat. Deodorants contain antibacterial ingredients that reduce bacteria and eliminate odor but are not as effective against wetness. If odor is your main concern, choose a product such as Dr.Hauschka Deodorant Fresh with masking ingredients.

Antiperspirants work by clogging sweat glands with ingredients such as aluminum compounds. This prevents sweat and moisture as well as embarrassing sweat stains. Hydrosal Professional Deodorant/Antiperspirant controls excessive sweating with 15% aluminum chloride. You can apply this product anywhere on the body where you experience excessive sweating.

There is some research that suggests deodorants and antiperspirants may actually make odor worse because bacteria becomes resistant. Studies such as this may encourage some individuals to skip deodorant altogether. Joel Schlessinger MD, however, views this research somewhat skeptically.

“Despite this research,” says Joel Schlessinger MD, “antiperspirants should still play a huge role in most people’s regimens.”

Joel Schlessinger MD says that the skin on your underarms can be just as sensitive as anywhere else on your body.

Products with aluminum, especially at high concentrations, can irritate sensitive skin types. If you have sensitive skin, choose an aluminum-free formula such as Dermalogica Environmental Control Deodorant that will not cause irritation. Many antiperspirant products can also contain ingredients such as alcohol that effectively dry out the skin but also cause irritation. NUXE Men 24 Hour Protection Deodorant is free of aluminum salts and alcohol to prevent redness, inflammation and itching.

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