Joel Schlessinger MD tackles the “vampire” condition known as porphyriaWith Halloween just around the corner, everyone’s on the lookout for zombies, werewolves and goblins. But one of the most common supernatural beings in this day and age is the elusive vampire. Joel Schlessinger MD explains the legend of vampires and how they are related to dermatology.

“There is a condition called porphyria that occurs very rarely and, in one even rarer form of it, teeth can turn red (like blood on a tooth!),” said Joel Schlessinger.

The doctor says porphyria is a genetic disorder that can cause abdominal pain, blisters, scarring and muscle problems. It is caused when hemoglobin is not made properly, leading to a deficiency of enzymes and necessary chemicals for body function.

“Individuals who suffer from it are extremely sensitive to sunlight.  This condition has been seen in the area that roughly corresponds to Transylvania.”

Joel Schlessinger MD says that many legends have a medical basis and this is one of them.

“While patients who suffer from porphyria clearly aren’t vampires, it is believable to think that people could make up a tale when seeing these sorts of traits in people.”

What legends are you aware of that have a medical basis? Tell us in the comments.

Posted Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 10:08 pm
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