According to Joel Schlessinger MD, ingrown hairs are one of the most common skin concerns.

Ingrown hairs are an issue for both men and women that can occur anywhere on the body including the face, under arms and legs. This issue causes irritating side effects that disrupt the health of skin. In this video, Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains why this issue occurs and offers tips to avoiding this problem.

Ingrown hairs occur when the hair shaft becomes trapped beneath the skin surface. This causes red bumps to form on the complexion that are often itchy and inflamed. While ingrown hairs are a common occurrence wherever an individual shaves, there are ways to avoid this issue.

How can you eliminate ingrown hairs? Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

It is important to determine whether or not the bumps on your complexion are caused by ingrown hairs or an infection so individuals should see a doctor before beginning any treatment.

Shaving extremely close causes the hair to be too short to break through the top layers of the skin. To avoid this issue, Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends trying not to shave too closely to prevent hairs from becoming trapped. He also recommends using a single blade shaving tool rather than a razor with three or four blades. This will prevent hairs from becoming too short. Finally, you should only shave an area once a day to avoid aggravating the skin.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends his favorite products to soothe irritation caused by ingrown hairs.

If ingrown hairs do occur, Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends a healing product such as FixMySkin Healing Body Balm Unscented with 1% Hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone in this product heals skin to reduce redness, itchiness and irritation. You can also use PFB Vanish, a soothing gel that comforts the complexion.

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