Joel Schlessinger MD discusses a new blood-testing device that sits under the skin

Researchers have developed a tiny blood-testing device that sits under the skin and provides instant results sent to a mobile phone. The technology can simultaneously check for up to five different substances in the blood, keeping doctors constantly updated on their patients’ health.

This tiny device could allow doctors to monitor their patients on a new level. Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

At half an inch long, this wireless device is designed to be inserted under the skin of the abdomen, arms or legs using a needle. It can remain in place for months without needing to be removed or replaced. The data collected is sent to doctors using radiowaves and Bluetooth technology.

Joel Schlessinger MD believes this device could have a huge impact on the medical field. This specific technology is set apart from other monitoring devices because of its ability to measure several different things all at once.

Joel Schlessinger MD says this kind of technology will benefit dermatology and other specialties.

Instant medical results will allow doctors to better treat their patients. Instead of following age or weight charts, experts can treat and diagnose their patients based on their personal tolerance.

“This is potentially very cool,” says Joel Schlessinger MD. “There are huge opportunities with this type of device that will impact both dermatology and other specialties.”

Experts say this device will be especially useful for monitoring chronic conditions like high cholesterol and diabetes, as well as measuring the impact of drug treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

This technology has already been tested in a lab and can reliably monitor cholesterol and glucose levels. Researchers hope to begin studying its effectiveness on intensive care patients, who require very close monitoring and frequent blood tests.

What do you think of this new blood-testing device? Would you be willing to try it? Share with us in the comments.

Posted Thursday, March 28th, 2013 at 8:12 pm
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Yes! I would be willing to try this. Being severely physically disabled and aging, my veins make ne a difficult stick. They are thin, slippery and collapse in etc. etc.

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