Joel Schlessinger MD debunks the mysterious “blue man” disease

Joel Schlessinger MD discusses argyria, a condition that causes skin to turn blue or gray.

Precious metals have been used in many cultures to treat health conditions for thousands of years. While certain metals such as iron and calcium are necessary for humans, other metals like silver can have dangerous effects on your health. One result of overexposure to silver is argyria, a condition that turns skin a bluish or gray tint. Paul Karason became famous for his blue skin caused by self-prescribing silver for his dermatitis. According to Joel Schlessinger MD, this issue could have been avoided.

Self-prescribing topical solutions may have serious side effects, reveals Joel Schlessinger MD.

Karason suffered from dermatitis, an itchy and inflamed skin condition, as well as other health issues such as arthritis. To treat these problems, Karason applied colloidal silver, which has been prescribed for skin and health issues in the past. Prolonged exposure to this substance caused his skin tone to permanently turn blue.

“It is sad that this person used silver for these conditions as we have so many other excellent treatments that would not have caused this to happen,” says Joel Schlessinger MD. “Silver has some very concerning side effects so it is important to avoid it unless it is in small doses and medically prescribed.”

Unfortunately, says Joel Schlessinger MD, argyria cannot be reversed.

Once the skin turns blue, it will permanently remain that shade, which is why you should be extremely cautious before you begin any treatment with silver. Along with changes in skin tone, silver can cause other health issues including difficulties breathing and stomach pain. Always check with a dermatologist before you use any product for your skin condition. You should also read all ingredient labels to avoid applying harmful formulas to your complexion.

For more information on rare and unusual skin issues, read Joel Schlessinger MD’s blog.

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