Dietary supplements, found in the form of pills or drink powders, can aid in enhancing the overall health of your body by improving skin tone, hair growth and sun protection. These products cannot provide best results on their own, but can provide visible results when paired with topical formulas.

Dietary supplements can boost the efficacy of your products, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

Taking supplements regularly can provide faster and stronger results from skin care products like sunscreens and anti aging treatments. Heliocare Sun Protection Pills help protect against sun damage from the inside out. Just one pill each day can aid in building your body’s natural defense against UV rays, while three pills in one day can provide powerful protection in heavy sun. Some pills, like Murad Youth Builder Collagen Supplements, boost collagen production and stimulate healthy cell function.

Joel Schlessinger MD offers suggestions for healthy hair growth and function.

Elemis Body Enhancement Capsules – Cal-Metab Plus aid in boosting the metabolism to shed excess weight with help from exercise and good eating habits. Supplements like PHYTO Phytophanere Dietary Supplements can even help promote hair, nail and eyelash growth. While dietary supplements can offer faster results, they cannot work on their own. Weight loss and body-enhancing products need to be paired with healthy habits to ensure best results.

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Joel Schlessinger MD answers questions about various products in his weekly presentations. Some of these topics include:

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