Joel Schlessinger MD and other derms agree Mohs Surgery is the best treatment for skin cancer

Mohs Surgery is the most effective treatment offered by physicians like Joel Schlessinger MD for skin cancer

There is a large variety of treatment options for skin cancer, including laser surgery, radiation and freezing. However, Mohs Surgery, developed in the 1930s, continues to be the most effective option for treating skin cancer. According to a recent article, this method offers a 99 percent success rate for basal cell carcinoma and leaves less scarring than other options. This procedure is also suitable for squamous cell carcinoma and certain forms of melanoma, but BCC accounts for 75 percent of all skin cancers.

The article listed above highlights a woman who was diagnosed with BCC at age 39 and was unaware of Mohs Surgery until suggested by her dermatologist. It wasn’t until he sat down with her that she learned how the procedure works. It begins with the visible portion of skin cancer and a layer of surrounding skin being removed with a scalpel. The physician then maps the tumor on paper to serve as a guide to its precise location. The area removed with a scalpel is then processed with stains to highlight cancerous material before examining the tissue under a microscope. If cancer is still present, the physician will repeat this process until the cancer is gone.

Joel Schlessinger MD explains that while Mohs is the most successful treatment option, there are other procedures available

Some cases of skin cancer do not qualify for Mohs. These cases are treated with other options like a standard excision, radiotherapy, topical creams or Photodynamic Therapy. Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells from the outside. Topical creams work on the immune system to help the body fight back and Photodynamic Therapy combines a special cream with exposure to a specific wavelength of light. Topical options like these are only used for low-risk, superficial tumors.

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