Joel Schlessinger MD and LovelySkin Host a Visit from Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Valeant management recently toured the LovelySkin facilities and visited with Joel Schlessinger MD.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals provides consumers with over the counter products to improve the quality of everyday life. Chairman of the board and CEO J. Michael Pearson and Executive Vice President and Company Group Chairman Ryan Weldon recently stopped by the LovelySkin facilities to tour the warehouse and speak with Joel Schlessinger MD. J. Michael Pearson and Ryan Weldon also spoke with LovelySkin employees to discuss opportunities with their products and ways to improve the company’s skin care lines.

Joel Schlessinger MD and LovelySkin look forward to new opportunities with Valeant.

The company recently acquired Obagi, Kinerase, Pro+Therapy MD and Pro+Therapy skin care. J. Michael Pearson and Ryan Weldon shared their interest in improving these skin care lines to offer a collection of products with even better results. Joel Schlessinger MD and the LovelySkin team are looking forward to the improvements this company will make to these already impressive brands.

Valeant offers a range of skin care brands recommended by Joel Schlessinger MD.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals now supports Obagi, CeraVe, Pro+Therapy, Pro+Therapy MD and Kinerase products. Each of these skin care brands can be found at

Obagi skin care products use hydroquinone to reduce the appearance of dark spots and create a more even skin tone.

CeraVe offers cleansers, moisturizers and sun protection products with nourishing ingredients that help repair and clarify your complexion.

Pro+Therapy MD, Pro+Therapy and Kinerase products are developed with kinetin, an antioxidant ingredient that prevents aging. These formulas address photo damage, dark spots and rough skin.

Learn more about Valeant Pharmaceuticals and its products by visiting the company website.

Have you used any Valeant skin care products? Share with us in the comments.

Posted Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 at 4:11 pm
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