Most women use makeup brushes every day to apply their foundation, blush, eye makeup and more. With time and continued use, these brushes will begin to age. Some makeup brushes will wear out faster than others depending on the brand and the quality of the brush.

Plus, makeup brushes can carry hoards of bacteria if they are not cleaned regularly or stored properly and the bacteria can cause serious damage to the skin, including rashes, breakouts and acne flare-ups.

“Most women don’t even think about cleaning their brushes,” says Dr. Joel Schlessinger, “and that can definitely lead to contamination.”

To avoid excessive bacteria growth, Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends cleaning your makeup brushes at a minimum of once per month.
Colorescience Pro Brush Cleaner
Use a makeup brush cleaner like Colorescience Pro Brush Cleaner to cleanse and purify your brushes. This will help rid the brushes of bacteria while giving you better makeup application.

Allow your brushes to air dry and store them in a rolled-up storage bag or in a makeup container with the bristles pointing upward. Keep your brushes out of direct sun light and away from heat.

Even clean makeup brushes, though, can deteriorate over time. Plus, most brushes have a definite shape to help contour and define the placement of makeup; with constant use or heavy pressure, the shape of makeup brushes can be altered, giving poor makeup application. With age, the bristles may begin to fall out of the brush, as well. These indications mean it is time to get a new brush.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends using Klix disposable brush kits to change your makeup brushes quickly.

Klix - Replaceable Brush Kits

“Klix takes the hard part out of changing brushes,” the doctor says. “With a wide variety of disposable brush heads, these brushes are convenient and affordable, and will keep your skin healthy without a lot of work.”

When your Klix brushes become dirty, simply pop off and dispose of the brush head and replace with a new one – it’s that simple! Klix brushes give smooth makeup application and keep your skin fresh and clean. Use Klix brushes to take the hard work out of cleaning your makeup brushes.

For healthy skin, remember to clean your brushes regularly and/or replace them often.

You’ll notice clearer skin and a more uniform makeup application when you use clean makeup brushes.

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