Dr. Joel Schlessinger warns about one of the dirtiest places you may not be cleaning: your handbag

Handbags are home to a number of surfaces that can be infected with germs, reveals Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

For most women, their purses go everywhere with them. They are carted to work, home, restaurants and even into the bathroom. Few women take the time to clean their handbags, both the outside and the contents inside, making it extremely likely that they are carrying a wealth of germs, according to an article from CBS News.

“The shocking thing about this is that it is surprising to most people,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger says. “We put so much into our pockets and purses that have been on the floor or other places that this finding isn’t too hard to believe.”

Many people do not realize they are at high risk for spreading germs, says Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

According to research, germs are just as likely to be on the outside of handbags as the items inside them. Cells phones, wallets, makeup bags and other items in women’s purses are rarely cleaned. Even items such as lipsticks and mascaras, which are taken out when women are in the bathroom, can have highly contaminated surfaces.

The type of material the bag is made of may also be a factor. Studies show that leather handbags and wallets generally contain the most bacteria because the soft, spongey surface is an ideal breeding ground for germs.

Regular cleansing and sanitization is key, explains Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Antibacterial wipes can be used to clean the bottoms, sides and handles of the bag. This will help kill bacteria on the surface. Bags and all of the items inside should also be cleansed thoroughly every few weeks and individuals should be diligent about washing their hands.

“Wash your hands frequently,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger says. “This sort of study only highlights the need to be vigilant!”

Posted Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 6:31 pm
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