Dr. Joel Schlessinger sheds light on prescription drug pricesIt’s no secret that drug prices are astronomical.  We see prescriptions that range from $150 to $1200 for pills or topically applied medications and there are even more expensive ones for certain psoriasis medications!

Medication prices vary greatly and it is amazing for me to see as a dermatologist the variations between pharmacies.  In my dermatology practice I recommend my patients check prices frequently, especially on expensive medications.  As the article states, Costco is king right now, but we find that Sam’s, Costco and Walmart are typically the least expensive pharmacies in our area, but it may be different where you live.  Generally, Walgreens and CVS are convenient, but you pay a huge price for that convenience.

One other thing to note is that generics, although often less expensive, don’t always perform as well as brand name drugs.  Also, sadly, the savings for generics seem to be evaporating as pharmacies are offering less and less of a discount on them and keeping the difference as profit.

We offer our very own FixMySkin 1% hydrocortisone lip and body balm to our eczema, psoriasis, cracked fingers and chapped lip patients for $8 to $12 and the alternative as a prescription in pharmacies is anywhere from $30 to $120 and no better at all (and sometimes worse)!  You may want to consider that if you have one of these conditions and are tired of expensive creams that don’t work.  You can find it at www.LovelySkin.com/FixMySkin.

Lastly, when you are at your dermatologist’s office, always ask if they are prescribing a generic or brand name drug.  If they are prescribing a brand name drug, ask them if there is a coupon for it as most drug companies offer a coupon of some sort for their medications that will decrease the costs significantly.  It never hurts to ask and it can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars!

Posted Monday, April 8th, 2013 at 4:54 pm
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