Dr. Joel Schlessinger is excited to offer the NuGene product line at LovelySkin.com

As a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Joel Schlessinger is always looking for the latest innovations in skin care. He personally searches for and selects the best skin care products to offer on LovelySkin.com. In fact, these are the very same formulas he recommends to the patients in his clinic. The latest addition to LovelySkin is NuGene, a line of clinically proven anti-aging products that uses stem cell technology to create a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger is excited to add NuGene products to the LovelySkin lineup. NuGene offers skin and hair care products powered by adipose-derived human stem cells, or stem cells derived from fat, to provide visible anti-aging results.

“I am delighted to carry NuGene as I have followed their products intently for some time now,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger says.

NuGene products use growth factors to stimulate collagen production, Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains.

Powered by these unique stem cells, NuGene products help stimulate collagen to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

“The concept of adipose stem cells leading to regeneration of collagen and other fibroblasts has intrigued me for years,” Dr. Joel Schlessinger says. “NuGene’s formulation eliminates much of the risk found in other growth factor products while leading to a renewal of our skin’s natural innate resources. Use of these products is a simple way to rejuvenate our skin in combination with other actives such as antioxidants. Moreover, the team at NuGene is phenomenal. I am truly honored to be a part of their family.”

NuGene hopes to reach a wider audience with Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s help.

With its addition to LovelySkin, NuGene’s line of anti-aging and hair care products will now be available to hundreds of thousands of customers across the world.

“We are excited to have our NuGene Skincare products available at LovelySkin.com, one of the nation’s leading skin care destinations,” says Kathy Ireland, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer for Kathy Ireland Worldwide. “We believe our NuGene products are revolutionary as NuGene is unlike anything else on the market today. Aging, sun damage, lines and wrinkles are beautifully addressed by our collection. We thank LovelySkin.com for joining us in offering the greatest innovation in skin care to you.”

The NuGene team is also excited to see how a partnership with LovelySkin will help them grow as a company.

“We are honored and excited by Dr. Schlessinger’s selection of our product line,” says Fady Elias M.D., NuGene’s Director of Professional Business Development. “His endorsement of our products further advances our emerging leadership in this growing industry.”

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Posted Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 at 10:35 pm
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Responses to “Dr. Joel Schlessinger is excited to offer the NuGene product line at LovelySkin.com”


Dr. Schlessinger, I purchased the NuGene eye serum and hair serum before I read your post. In your post you note that “NuGene’s formulation eliminates much of the risk found in other growth factor products….” I have 2 questions: (1) what is the risk to which you refer?; and (2)since NuGene has eliminated “much of the risk,” what, if any, remaining risk might be associated with use of this product? By the way, I love your user-friendly and informative website and love ordering from LovelySkin. Your customer service is also terrific. Many thanks.


Hi Ruth,
There is always a slight concern on what growth factors may do as they are, in essence, encouraging growth of cells. I like the NuGene as it is fat derived as opposed to animal or human skin derived. The other options that I like are plant derived or simply a peptide, which is the precursor of it. Good luck and thanks for the question! Dr. S

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