Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends Latisse for thin or short lashes.

The eyelashes are just one more area that begins to show signs of aging as we get older. Men and women often experience thinning and lightening of the lashes as well as hair breakage and loss. Rather than investing in falsies or lengthening mascara, you can use Latisse to regrow these lost hairs.

Latisse is the first FDA-approved eyelash enhancement product that is proven to grow longer and thicker lashes. Dr. Joel Schlessinger has personally seen patients with great results and often recommends this product.

Applying Latisse once daily provides advanced results, says Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Along with aging, aggressive makeup removal can cause hairs to break and fall out. Vigorously scrubbing your eyes to remove mascara and water-resistant makeup also weakens hairs, increasing the likelihood that you will lose them.

Using advanced ingredients, Latisse encourages lashes to grow thicker and longer. This serum is applied before you go to bed at night to the eyelid directly above the lash line. After one to three months, most users experience lashes that appear significantly thicker and darker. You can also use this serum on the brows to fill in bald or thin patches.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger sees very few side effects from this product.

While Dr. Joel Schlessinger does not often see side effects caused by Latisse, there are risks associated with this product. Occasionally, individuals with light or blue eyes experience a darkening in the color of their irises. If this occurs, stop using this serum immediately. To prevent this side effect, avoid applying this product directly into the eyes. There are also other, less common side effects such as eye redness and itching.

Find out more about Latisse and see if this eyelash enhancement product is right for you.

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