Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains how enzymes help your skin

Dermatologists, beauty gurus and makeup artists will all tell you how important exfoliation is to maintain healthy, radiant skin. For some people though, scrubs can be too abrasive for the complexion. To get the same exfoliation, cell renewal and radiance without the need for harsh scrubbing, you can use products with enzymes. Here, Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains the benefits of this ingredient and how to incorporate it into your routine.

What are enzymes? Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains.

On the top layer of our skin are dead skin cells. These cells prevent skin from renewing itself, resulting in a rough texture and dull appearance. Exfoliation is necessary to remove this debris and keep the complexion looking youthful and radiant. Enzymes are ingredients that break down dead cells that sit on top of the complexion.

Enzymes can be found in many natural sources such as papaya, pineapple and pumpkin. Cleansers, treatment products and masks containing enzymes can be added to your regimen to encourage skin renewal, keep pores clear and fade signs of aging without the need for a powerful chemical or physical exfoliant.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends his favorite products with enzymes.

For daily exfoliation using enzymes, cleanse with Revision Skincare Papaya Enzyme Cleanser. This face wash contains papaya fruit extract to gently exfoliate and reveal a brighter complexion. You can also treat your complexion weekly with LovelySkin Pumpkin Clarifying Mask. Pumpkin is a natural source of enzymes and this mask helps keep pores clear so it is ideal for acne-prone skin.

One of the main benefits of enzymes is that they are more easily tolerated by those with sensitive complexions. If regular exfoliators leave your complexion red, inflamed and flaky, use a gentle enzyme treatment such as Phytomer Peeling Vegetal Exfoliant. The formula contains enzymes as well as hydrating ingredients to keep skin healthy.

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Posted Friday, March 6th, 2015 at 3:50 pm
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