Acne comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. A common misconception is that all acnes are the same and they can be treated in one easy cure. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in many people who have acne. Dr. Joel Schlessinger sheds light on one particularly troublesome cause of acne prone skin – yeast.

“There are different forms of acne which is why there are so many treatments used to fight it,” said Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

“Many people think acne is a simple condition that just needs one treatment. Unfortunately, many acne treatments will not work on this type of acne.”

Pityrosporum, or yeast-based, acne takes the shape of small, itchy red bumps along your back, chest and hairline. These blemishes are caused by yeast. As these blemishes heal, they can leave a brown discoloration along with a red scar.

Those who have pityrosporum acne prone skin are usually those who are often sweaty or who have a family history of atopic diathesis, a genetic collection of conditions such as asthma, eczema, dry skin, keratosis pilaris or hay fever.

Although many people think a good cleansing regimen will help clear up acne, this is not the case with this stubborn form of acne. Treatment requires both the control of yeast as well as cleansing the pores.

“It is easily treated with a pill, so it is best to see your dermatologist for evaluation,” said Dr. Joel Schlessinger.

Medicine will help control the production of yeast while a good skin care regimen will help unclog pores and treat current blemishes. Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends supplementing your medication with an acne-fighting set of products, such as the LovelySkin Acne Care Starter Set for Oily Skin.

What’s your acne-fighting regimen?

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Responses to “Dr. Joel Schlessinger sheds light on stubborn yeast-based acne”


Hi, I am glad to stumble on this website. Because as we speak, I believe that I have this type of infection caused by yeast. Infact, my forehead looks exactly like the picture that you have posted here. I have been battling with recurrent vaginal yeast infection for the last 2 years or so and I am afraid it has a connection with the rash I am getting on my forehead. The yeast has still not gone away and want to pay a visiit to my doctor and seek treatment.
Please advise if you have any knowlwedge on how to get rid of the rash on my forehead, its been there for the last 4 weeks and getting worse by the day


I would say to visit your doctor, but with this information in hand. Many dermatologists don’t know or believe in this condition, but a prescription for an anti yeast medication can do wonders. Good luck!


Hello, I”ve had Fungal Acne for around 2-3 years now, at first me and my doctor both thought it was just general pimples appearing all across my forehead and cheeks, my doctor prescribed me with a cream called Duac in 2017, it really cleared up my skin in just few weeks and I never had one pimple left, until a few months later after I stopped using the treatment gel as I had no more spots they all came back and were impossible to get rid of! I kept on ordering Duac but my skin was so used to it, it just wasn”t helping at all. That was when my doctor put me on some medication for acne called Lymecline, after 4-5 weeks on being on it, it still never helped at all. That was when I did some research, I looked on the image on google images that you provided and that is exactly what my skin looks like, and my forehead, nose and cheeks tend to get very very oily too! my doctor gave me some anti-fungal cream 2% and I”ve only been on it for like 4 days now and I can see only a tiny difference in my pimples on my forehead but I still keep on getting loads of random ones appearing all over my face, any advice?


Dear Keira,
This sounds like it could be yeast based acne. You may have to get your doctor to give you an oral medication for it as the topicals don’t really penetrate these well. Best wishes!

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