As we grow older, our eyelashes have the tendency to become thinner, lighter and more brittle. If you’re tired of gluing on false lashes, there’s hope in the prescription eyelash enhancement treatment, LATISSE. In his latest SlideShare presentation, Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains the benefits of trying LATISSE to achieve the luxurious lashes you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger prescribes LATISSE to his patients who want longer, fuller lashes.

LATISSE contains the active ingredient, bimatoprost, which is believed to lengthen the growth phase of lashes and keep them from falling out as quickly as they normally might. The result is longer, stronger, fuller lashes. You can even use LATISSE on sparse, thinning eyebrows. Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s patients have achieved great results over a period of time. In fact, in some cases, patients have even discontinued LATISSE because their lash length exceeded expectations. Patients have also seen improvement in the skin conditions vitiligo and alopecia areata while using LATISSE, and Dr. Joel Schlessinger looks forward to researching its additional benefits.

LATISSE is easy to use and simple to incorporate into your evening skin care regimen. Just apply it with a provided applicator as the final step in your routine after all other treatments, serums and moisturizer. Side effects are rare, but may include mild redness and itching. Patients with blue eyes should be particularly cautious when using LATISSE, as there is a small risk that blue eyes could become brown or discolored with incorrect application over time.

Non-prescription LATISSE alternatives, selected by Dr. Joel Schlessinger, are available on

If you’re not quite ready to request a prescription for LATISSE from your physician, there are many alternative eyelash enhancement products available on Dr. Joel Schlessinger also personally recommends these products for maintaining your LATISSE results between or after prescriptions.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner contains pharmaceutical-grade peptides, biotin and botanical extracts to promote long, strong, thick lashes. Obagi ELASTILash is a top-rated formula fortified with peptides and glycerin to stop lashes from becoming brittle and falling out. Both are ideal for making LATISSE results last. Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Turbo features revolutionary Tri-Phase Lash Complex to target the lash during all three stages of growth, and Jan Marini Eyelash Conditioner prevents breakage and encourages healthy renewal.

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