Dr. Jegasothy

By Dr. S. Manjula Jegasothy

I have been attending Cosmetic Surgery Forum since its inauguration in 2007. I had known Dr. Schlessinger to be a stand-out lecturer, aesthetic innovator, compassionate physician and warm friend for sometime, so I was not only eager to support the conference, I knew that it would be well worth my time academically.

Attending the conference every year since then has been more educationally-rewarding and enjoyable than I expected. The registration and accommodation process is streamlined, while the Cosmetic Surgery Forum staff is friendly, competent and efficient. Requests are handled in a warm, personal style, rather than the “cold” corporate style of most other medical conferences I have attended. The format of the meeting itself invites total audience engagement, so that discussions are lively and entertaining. Plenty of time is allotted with each session for Q & A, which both encourages spontaneous learning from a larger variety of colleagues and discourages long “canned” lectures (with too many slides!) seen in many of our society meetings.

Because Cosmetic Surgery Forum is fun (Las Vegas during the holiday season is FABULOUS!) and educationally-unique, it attracts the highest-level aesthetic physician experts. This further adds to its value from a networking and extra-curricular perspective. My mother usually meets me in Las Vegas when I attend Cosmetic Surgery Forum, it is out “holiday season trip” together, and we never plan to stop! I cannot overemphasize how valuable Cosmetic Surgery Forum has been in my practice growth. You should attend – Cosmetic Surgery Forum is more than worth your time…

S. Manjula Jegasothy MD

President, Miami Skin Institute

Clinical Professor of Dermatology

University of MiamiMillerSchool of Medicine

Posted Monday, November 24th, 2014 at 3:11 pm
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