Common birthmarks in children described by Joel Schlessinger MD

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Joel Schlessinger MD describes the appearance of birthmarks that develop in many children.

The birthmark category consists of a large number of different skin concerns that can develop at birth or during early childhood. While many of these marks are harmless and eventually fade over time, there are certain concerns that should be addressed by a dermatologist. In this video, Joel Schlessinger MD describes several common birthmarks and what you can do if your child has one.

Certain birthmarks appear at birth and fade during childhood, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

One common type of birthmark, nevus flammeus, is characterized by a red patch on an infant’s neck or forehead. This mark often appears when a child is born and is caused by a collection of blood vessels that generally dissipates and fades over time.

Hemangioma, another common birthmark described by Joel Schlessinger MD, appears as a dark red and slightly raised spot. This condition generally continues to grow from birth until the child is one year old. The mark then begins to fade over the next 7-8 years of the child’s life.

According to Joel Schlessinger MD, other types of birthmarks must be examined and treated by a dermatologist.

While most people develop moles later in life, some infants are born with moles known as congenital nevus. Joel Schlessinger MD recommends having these moles examined by a dermatologist to determine whether or not they need to be removed.

Port wine stains often appear as large red areas that can cover part or the entire side of a child’s face. This condition can be treated using laser or light therapy devices that effectively fade the appearance of the mark over time. If your child is born with or develops a birthmark, you should schedule an appointment to visit with a dermatologist.

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Joel Schlessinger MD on dealing with acne caused by milk consumption

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Research suggests that milk consumption may worsen acne symptoms, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

Dermatologists are continuing to study the relationship between an individual’s diet and the condition of their skin. Many dermatologists, including Joel Schlessinger MD, are seeing an increase in acne and blemishes in patients who regularly drink milk.

A glass of milk contains approximately 60 hormones that are passed from the cow into the product during the milking process. Read more about this process in this blog post by Joel Schlessinger MD.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends changing your diet to help reduce your acne symptoms.

If you think your acne may be related to milk consumption, try substituting other forms of the drink into your diet. Almond milk contains no hormones while soy milk only contains a small amount so these drinks may help reduce the appearance of acne.

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Joel Schlessinger MD discusses the 2013 American Academy of Dermatology conference

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Joel Schlessinger MD and colleagues attend the American Academy of Dermatology meeting.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) holds an annual educational conference to bring together dermatologists and skin care professionals. This year, the meeting was held in Miami, FL, where Joel Schlessinger MD and several LovelySkin staff members were able to meet with other professionals from across the country, attend lectures and visit exhibits featuring different skin care products and procedures. This conference allows skin care professionals to incorporate this knowledge into their practices for top quality patient care.

In this video, Joel Schlessinger MD discusses new products and procedures that were highlighted at the conference.

Several new and improved skin care products are now available on the market, says Joel Schlessinger MD.

ReGenica products, which were highlighted at the AAD conference, incorporate some of the newest growth factor formulas available. These reparative products were developed by Dr. Gail Naughton, who originally helped formulate SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum. The ReGenica line uses growth factors to dramatically repair the complexion for a more youthful appearance.

Joel Schlessinger MD also discusses the developments of Oxygenetix skin care line in this video. These breathable foundations are ideal for those with rosacea, acne or sensitive skin because they use a lightweight formula that does not irritate the complexion. New shades will soon be available to match even more skin tones.

The Pellevé treatment, featured at the conference, has already been incorporated by Joel Schlessinger MD.

Pellevé is a non invasive wrinkle treatment that helps create a more youthful complexion by increasing collagen production with electromagnetic waves. This skin tightening treatment, available at the LovelySkin Spa, is quick and easy with almost no side effects. Schedule an appointment at the spa and experience a softer, smoother and more youthful complexion.

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Joel Schlessinger MD highlights at home chemical peels

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

According to Joel Schlessinger MD, at home chemical peels can address a number of skin concerns.

At home chemical peels are beneficial for most skin types to help refine and revitalize the complexion. These advanced products use the exfoliating powers of alpha hydroxy acids and other ingredients to encourage cell renewal. Peels can be used to fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish darkness or discoloration and minimize the appearance of minor skin imperfections.

In this video, Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends his favorite chemical peel products and provides a demonstration on how to use them.

These two peels recommended by Joel Schlessinger MD are easy-to-use and highly effective.

One of Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s favorite products is NeoStrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel. In this video, you can see how simple it is to use this two-step product. The first step is to apply the step one exfoliating pad to your cleansed complexion. You may feel slight stinging or experience redness following this step that should fade within a few minutes. After waiting ten minutes, apply the step two neutralizing pad to your complexion concentrating on areas where you experienced discomfort.

Another two-step chemical peel Joel Schlessinger MD recommends is Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. Both of these products exfoliate and refine the complexion for a soft and smooth texture.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends at home chemical peels in conjuncture with in-office treatments.

These two products work best as supplements to in-office chemical peels. The LovelySkin Spa and LovelySkin Spa Express both offer a number of procedures to brighten, revitalize and smooth your complexion. These at home chemical peels can enhance your professional treatment for even better results.

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Joel Schlessinger MD explains how to avoid ingrown hairs

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

According to Joel Schlessinger MD, ingrown hairs are one of the most common skin concerns.

Ingrown hairs are an issue for both men and women that can occur anywhere on the body including the face, under arms and legs. This issue causes irritating side effects that disrupt the health of skin. In this video, Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains why this issue occurs and offers tips to avoiding this problem.

Ingrown hairs occur when the hair shaft becomes trapped beneath the skin surface. This causes red bumps to form on the complexion that are often itchy and inflamed. While ingrown hairs are a common occurrence wherever an individual shaves, there are ways to avoid this issue.

How can you eliminate ingrown hairs? Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

It is important to determine whether or not the bumps on your complexion are caused by ingrown hairs or an infection so individuals should see a doctor before beginning any treatment.

Shaving extremely close causes the hair to be too short to break through the top layers of the skin. To avoid this issue, Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends trying not to shave too closely to prevent hairs from becoming trapped. He also recommends using a single blade shaving tool rather than a razor with three or four blades. This will prevent hairs from becoming too short. Finally, you should only shave an area once a day to avoid aggravating the skin.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends his favorite products to soothe irritation caused by ingrown hairs.

If ingrown hairs do occur, Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends a healing product such as FixMySkin Healing Body Balm Unscented with 1% Hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone in this product heals skin to reduce redness, itchiness and irritation. You can also use PFB Vanish, a soothing gel that comforts the complexion.

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Joel Schlessinger MD discusses how a lack of sleep affects your skin

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Do you need eight hours of beauty sleep for healthy skin? Joel Schlessinger MD reveals the answer.

Getting enough sleep is critical for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Most beauty magazines, skin care blogs and websites recommend at least eight hours of sleep each night to help maintain a healthy complexion. In this video, Joel Schlessinger MD explains how important a normal sleeping schedule is for your skin.

Joel Schlessinger MD explains why putting off sleep is bad for your skin.

While a lack of sleep may not directly affect your skin, Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains that it can lead to a less healthy appearance.

Skin loses moisture as it is bombarded with free radicals, UV rays and pollutants throughout the day. To protect against damage caused by these particles, your face must be washed and moisturized each night. The later you stay up, the longer you put off replenishing your skin which can lead to dryness, irritation and visible signs of aging.

The effects of a lack of sleep can often be seen around the eyes, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

The delicate area around the eyes is more prone to visible signs of aging such as fine lines, crow’s feet and dark under eye circles. A lack of hydration caused by staying up too late can worsen these conditions and cause dark bags to form beneath the eyes. These dark circles can also be the result of wearing contact lenses for too long, which causes swelling and puffiness.

While eight hours of sleep may not be possible for everyone, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends getting as much sleep as possible to maintain a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

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Joel Schlessinger MD explains different skin types

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

How is a person’s skin type determined? Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

Most people classify their skin type according to four basic categories: oily, dry, normal and combination. These generic categories, however, may not be the best way to determine your skin care needs.

In this video, Joel Schlessinger MD explains how it is difficult to assign one skin type to an individual. This is because many people have different skin characteristics throughout the year. For example, an individual may have oily skin during the warm summer months and dry skin during the cold winter months. According to Dr. Joel Schlessinger, your needs should be determined by conditions such as eczema, which can cause a dry complexion, or acne, which can cause an oily complexion.

Joel Schlessinger MD reveals the mystery of combination skin.

Combination skin is generally described as being dry in certain areas such as the T zone. Many people who have this skin type, however, may be confusing combination skin with a disorder known as seborrheic dermatitis. This condition can cause scaly, flaky, itchy and red patches on your complexion. To treat this condition, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends medication such as Ketoconazole or other steroids.

Joel Schlessinger MD can recommend effective products for any skin type.

People with oily skin will usually have to deal with oiliness and shine their entire lives. Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends medications such as Accutane that dry out the complexion as well as a mattifying product such as OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel.

While individuals with normal skin may not see as many dry or oily skin symptoms, Dr. Joel Schlessinger still recommends a regimen of cleansing and moisturizing twice daily. He also suggests exfoliating with NeoStrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel to maintain a healthy and radiant complexion.

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Joel Schlessinger MD advises on how to choose a cosmetic surgeon

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Joel Schlessinger MD reveals tips on choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

Choosing the right health care professional is the main factor in ensuring you receive the highest quality care. This is especially true for cosmetic surgery and dermatology procedures such as injections, liposuction, tattoo removal and laser hair removal. Researching and following the rules that Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains in this video can help you make an informed decision.

First, Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends finding a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Doctors who are board certified in dermatology, plastic surgery, oral maxillofacial, oculoplastic or facial plastic specialties are the most highly trained and qualified professionals. It is also important to ensure that more complicated procedures like Botox and liposuction will be performed by the surgeon. Other procedures like laser hair removal and Ultherapy can be performed by other professionals, such as nurse practitioners.

Before and after photos and personal testimonies are important to consider, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

When researching different cosmetic surgeons, ask to see before and after photos of individuals who have undergone the same treatment. These photos allow you to see the results of the procedure before receiving treatment as well as the outcome you can expect.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger suggests asking your family and friends for recommendations before deciding on a cosmetic surgeon. Personal testimonies from individuals you trust can help you make an informed decision.

Joel Schlessinger MD stresses the importance of feeling comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon.

Your comfort is the most important factor when deciding which health care professional is right for you. Make sure the doctor and staff provide you with a full explanation of the procedure and the results before you make your decision.

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Joel Schlessinger MD recommends FixMySkin Balms to heal and maintain fingerprints

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Cold, dry winter air can aggravate the symptoms of certain skin conditions, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

The harsh winter air often leaves skin, especially on the hands and feet, dry, cracked and red. For individuals with skin conditions like eczema, these symptoms can worsen and become more painful during the winter months. These symptoms often affect an individual’s everyday life in unexpected ways. In this video, Joel Schlessinger MD highlights a surprising issue that often occurs for these individuals: the damage of their fingerprints.

Joel Schlessinger MD explains how eczema affects an individual’s fingerprints.

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, causes an inflamed and itchy rash to occur on the body. This rash is often dry and flaky, and can be aggravated by exposure to cold winter air. When these symptoms occur on the hands, it can cause the deterioration of an individual’s fingerprints.

Damage on the fingertips makes everyday tasks painful and difficult to perform. Some individuals even find themselves failing fingerprint identification tests because their prints are too deteriorated.

Leaving these symptoms untreated and exposing your hands to the harsh winter air without protection causes these symptoms to worsen over time. Dr. Joel Schlessinger notes the importance of treating these symptoms early to prevent permanent damage from occurring.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends FixMySkin Healing Balms to protect fingertips.

The invention of Dr. Joel Schlessinger and his son Daniel, FixMySkin Healing Balms offer fast and soothing relief from symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema. This balm contains 1% hydrocortisone that relieves dryness, itching and inflammation to restore health to damaged skin. Applying this product to your fingertips will not only relieve symptoms, but also protect them from further damage.

Read more about how eczema can damage fingerprints. You can also watch more of Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s videos on YouTube.

Joel Schlessinger MD explains the function of peptides

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Peptides are an ingredient found in many skin care products, yet many people do not understand their function. In this video, Joel Schlessinger MD explains what peptides are, why they are important for a healthy complexion and which peptide products are his favorites.

Joel Schlessinger MD explains that peptides are made up of amino acids that are considered the building blocks of the human body. Amino acids and peptides in skin care products help build a strong and healthy complexion.

Peptides make up collagen that supports the structure of skin. Collagen gives skin its structure and, as it ages, peptides begin to fall off leaving a weak and damaged complexion. Stimulating cells with peptides found in skin care products or procedures encourages more collagen growth for a more youthful and healthy look.

In this video, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends three of his favorite peptide products. The first is StriVectin-SD Power Serum for Wrinkles, a powerful serum that can be applied daily to stimulate collagen and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

One specific type of peptides are copper peptides that combine this collagen-enhancing ingredient with copper to heal the complexion. Joel Schlessinger MD recommends Neova Crème de la Copper which revives and nourishes cells.

Another group of peptides is known as neuropeptides and can be found in Clinician’s Complex Peptide Serum. This product repairs and rejuvenates to reduce the depth of wrinkles for a youthful complexion.

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